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Genshin Impact leak reveals first look at upcoming Sumeru region

A new leak from Genshin Impact has revealed the city of Sumeru, a zone from the next map update for the Sumeru region.

The Sumeru region of Genshin Impact is known for its vast deserts and green forests. Although the details of the next update of the map of the game have been rather scarce, that has not prevented several leaks appear online. Apart from the leaks on the characters of versions 2.2 and 2.3, one of the most interesting is that of the city of Sumeru.

The people of Sumeru worship the God of Wisdom, an Archon who commands the Dendro element. This leak from Genshin Impact not only gives players a glimpse of what Sumeru City will look like, it also gives us a first glimpse of the overall scale of the city.

Filtration of the Sumeru region in Genshin

Since Sumeru is the home of Archon Dendro, it makes sense that the city of Sumeru features a gigantic tree. After all, those who use Dendro’s abilities are known for their plant-based attacks and their affinity with nature.

Genshin Impact’s traveling merchant Liben even mentions that “Sumeru is all jungle and desert,” which would explain why Sumeru City itself has many trees and foliage. In fact, the buildings themselves appear to be built at the base of the trees.

There are even several bridges that appear to wind around the tree, while several platforms have been built directly under the roots of the plant. Apart from this striking structure, the city has towering bridges that connect each district to the other.

It’s hard to tell from the leaked images, but the overall scale of the city of Sumeru seems to be on par with other POIs in the game. The Redditor that posted the leak said: “[Sumeru City] looks small from the images, but that’s just because there’s nothing to compare it to. It is as tall as three Wangshu inns stacked one on top of the other. ‘


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