How to withdraw your DRACO into GCash?

DRACO is a coin with a new concept to allow in-game assets to be freely exchanged, stored, sold, and purchased outside of the game. The intrinsic value of the coin is guaranteed through the value of resources derived from the game.


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  1. Convert your Draco into Wemix Credit
DRACO into GCash

2. Convert your Wemix Credit into Wemix

3. Convert your Wemix into Klay

4. Send your Klay to your Binance – Go to Wallet > Spot > and search for Klay

DRACO into GCash method

5. Go back to your Wemix Wallet, click on Klay and then Sent Tokens. Paste the Klay address from Binance

6. Input the amount and click next, wait for your Klay to be transferred to your Binance Spot Wallet

7. Once received, you can now sell/trade your Klay (KLAY/USDT)

8. Once you already have USDT, you can now go to Binance P2P and sell it.

How to change DRACO into GCash

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