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League of Legends Demotion Shield Expiring – What Does It Mean?

If you are playing the League of legends game for a longer time, you must have achieved a demotion shield. It is a feature in the game that is for the protection of the player from a demotion. The shield is provided to the player, but the condition is that it is not permanent. Now the shield is for some time, and when it is about to end, you will start receiving a message of Demotion Shield Expiring

To understand the demotion of the shield better, one must know that what is a demotion shield?

Demotion Shield Expiring – Here’s What It Means

A demotion shield is the type of protection provided to all the players promoted in the game. This shield’s benefit is that you will not drop down your ranking quickly if you lose some additional games. If your day is unfortunate and you think that you are losing matches, then don’t worry. The demotion shield is here to save your rank. Some people often call it LOL Demotion Protection

The period of the shield is limited and is fixed according to the category of players. If you are have cleared a level, then the shield you will be getting will last for only three matches you play. To enjoy the shield’s benefit for a longer time, you have to enter the new division. You can survive for ten matches in a streak if before the League of Legends Demotion Shield Expiring.

How Many Losses Before Demotion In LOL?

The shield saves the demotion, but once the shield is expired, then the demotion increases many folds. If you are continuously winning, then you need not worry. The demotion shield will get updated. But if you don’t have the shield and lose, then the chances are high that you get demoted. It is the most common question of the players that How Many Losses Before Demotion LOL?

Now there is no fixed amount of match according to which you will get demoted. It depends on your level and how badly you lose. If you lose one match with a tremendous difference, then there are high chances that you get demoted. But if you are not losing that badly, you may stay upto 2-3 matches without a demotion. When a player loses a match, then the players’ LP is decreased and placed somewhere between 25 to 75 as the LP hits 0. 

MMR also plays an essential role in the process of demotion. If it gets low to a considerable amount, then the player is demoted. It doesn’t matter which level you are playing at. If you lose a match, then you have to face a demotion.

On Concluding

So, whenever you receive a message of LOL Demotion Shield Expiring, you don’t have to worry about it. The shield only serves the purpose of you are losing. So, always stay focused and aim at winning the match. Your LP and MMR will stay high this way, and you will never face a demotion.


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