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How Many Losses Before Demotion LOL?

If you are legends of league game fan, you must have understood the above-asked question and must have the same in mind. But if you are new to this gaming platform, then the word demotion and LOL must be unknown to you. The Legends of Leagues is an action game that has a feature of a demotion shield. It is awarded at the time of promotion, but after some time, you will receive a message of Demotion Shield Expiring

As the people lose this shield of demotion, they tense around that they will get a demotion in their levels now. Due to this, they start losing the game out of fear and loses their shield, but one question always remains prominent in the mind that how many losses can their player bear before actually facing the demotion.
Matches player can lose for a demotion

If you are the player who has lost his LOL Demotion Protection, then the next thought is that they don’t face a demotion. To face a demotion, one needs to lose a match or a series of that. It is not fixed how many matches one has to lose before they get demoted. 

It depends on the level that a player is having. There are two terms named the LP and the MMR score. The LP is the league points awarded to every player when they win the match, but as they lose a match, they also lose points. The points are kept somewhere in between 25 to 75, and as the figure touches zero on further losses, then you will be demoted,
The MMR or the Match Making Rating also plays a role in the demotion. This score is also affected when you lose a match. Sometimes you may get a demotion when you lose a single match. If the loss is drastic, then the points decline rate will be high, and you will be demoted to a lower level. In case you are losing a match after giving tough competition, you may last two or a maximum of three losses before getting devoted.

So the answer to the question that How Many Losses Before Demotion LOL is not consistent. Sometimes it may take one match, and at other times you can tolerate two to three losses.

Another way to save yourself from demotion

One of the best ways that a person has to save themselves from demotion is a demotion shield. It is a shield provided when it wins a match. If you win and are leveled up, then the shield will last for three matches. There is also an option of advancing a whole division. In this case, the shield will last for around ten matches. When you have a shield on, then your rank will not be affected by losses. But as the match limit ends, you will start getting the messages of League of Legends Demotion Shield Expiring

The final wordings

So, this is the capacity of a player that they can tolerate without demotion. If the number of losses is above the toleration level, then you will get a demotion. So, whether you have a shield or not, always focus on winning. Only it is the factor that can save you from demotion. If you follow this rule then it won’t affect even if your LOL Demotion Shield Expiring.


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