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Genshin Impact Shenhe: Everything we know about

Genshin Impact Shenhe – Hailing from Liyue, he supposedly has ties to Preserver of Clouds, but does not have a vision of Anemo. Here’s what we know about her so far, including her release date and her abilities.

While Shenhe was originally mined from data in Genshin Impact, almost all traces of her have been removed from the game’s code. However, after the 2.2 update, those traces have returned in abundance.

As the Inazuma expansion progresses, there is growing suspicion that it will be released in Genshin Impact, at least once this great story arc ends. Here’s what we know about Shenhe so far, including her release date and abilities.

Genshin Impact Shenhe Release Date

Although it was first revealed in November 2020, Shenhe does not have a fixed release date on Genshin Impact.

Various characters have been released that appeared in the same data mine, including Hu Tao, Rosaria, Kazuha, Kokomi, and Sayu. It may be a matter of time until she arrives. A leaker  suggested a release date for patch 2.4 , the same as Itto ⁠, so we will have to be vigilant for the next year 2022.

Shenhe’s abilities in Genshin Impact

Shenhe was originally data-mined as a Cryo character, however since most of the references to her disappear in the game’s code, it is likely that she is altered entirely or not at all.

With her name meaning “Crane Goddess,” many have suspected that her abilities could be related to Liyue’s Cloud Preserver. However, this is all speculation for now, with no solid details from miHoYo on Shenhe’s kit.

Genshin Impact Shenhe
Genshin Impact Shenhe

It is believed that he will carry a greatsword, or at least that is how it corresponds to his first leak. It may be that things change, since it has also been seen according to the data with a Catalyst. It is possible that he will go for the second option, especially considering that we have several characters carrying heavy weapons on the way (including Ayato and Itto).

Shenhe was also rumored to be a five-star character. If that’s the case, it will launch with its own unique weapon on a banner at the same time. However, there are no details on this.

Shenhe’s story at Genshin Impact
Little is known about Shenhe’s history, other than the fact that she is from Liyue. Some of you think it may be the human form of Preserver.

As more trivia ⁠ and game information ⁠ become available, we’ll make sure to update everything.


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