MIR4 Sorcerer Skill — Magic DPS class

MIR4 Sorcerer Skill – The Sorcerer in MIR4 is the “glass cannon” class in MIR4. They are similar to Mage/Wizard type classes in most RPG games.

Sorcerers dish out the highest amount of ranged and spell damage, including AoE spells that let them easily take down a mob of enemies.

In addition, they also have a few CC abilities up their sleeve.

Their offensive capability comes at the cost of survivability—Sorcerers cannot take a lot of damage, and will definitely have a hard time when left alone.

Sorcerer must keep a good range away from enemies and make use of their magic spells to survive on the battlefield—the best defense is a good offense!

MIR4 Sorcerer Skill

It is believed that Sorcerers in MIR4 Game are one of the most complicated classes due to their diverse skills and abilities. Not only are they able to deal a lot of damage, they are also able to support their allies. This class is recommended for players who are extremely patient when it comes to fighting.

MIR4 Sorcerer Skill

Dragon TornadoThe Dragon Tornado is one of the Sorcerer’s ultimate abilities. This skill summons and fires a twister that is believed to be the manifestation of the whirlwind that appears when a dragon ascends.
Flame OrbThis skill enables Sorcerers to summon a small fire sphere and blast it at an enemy. When the sphere hits an enemy, it causes a massive explosion.
Frozen BlockWhen players activate this skill, the Sorcerer’s whole body will become covered with ice. The ice will protect the character from any attacks and will freeze any enemy that hits on the shield.
ImmolateThis skill activates a powerful fire spell, which shoots fire taken from the burning river of hell. It is believed that it burns a character’s enemies alive.
Soul DevourWith this skill, Sorcerers are able cast a spell that explodes with dark energy that deals damage to an enemy’s soul.
Flame StrikeWhen this skill is activated, a fire spell will create a heat storm by expanding air in a flash. Players are thus able to knock away nearby enemies.
Chain LightningThis skill draws out the energy of Lightning from the palm and fires it at an enemy. Players will also electrocute nearby enemies.
BlizzardBlizzard is also one of a Sorcerer’s ultimate abilities. However, this ultimate ice spell summons a snowstorm from the polar region to freeze all beings.
Magic ShieldOnce this skill is activated, the Sorcerer will be protected from all enemy attacks. It is important to note that this skill costs a lot of mana.
ThunderstormPlayers will be able to strike an enemy several times with thunderbolts when they activate this ability. It draws power from the ancient mythical Dragon God, who has defeated enemies with lightning bolts.
Dark VortexSorcerers are able to open a wind path to another space, which creates a raging vortex that is impossible to escape.
Frost OrbPlayers are able to slow their enemies’ movement with this skill, as it fires a mass of cold that chills to the bone.


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