XDRACO is the World’s first game items Exchange of commercially successful online games

There are various types of Epic and Legendary XDRACO items that can be obtained in MIR4. You can purchase, sell, or trade your high-value XDRACO items through


Items marked with the ‘XDRACO’ emblem can be obtained in MIR4, and these items can be sold for DRACO through once your character reaches level 40.

  • Obtained through gameplay

XDRACO items can be obtained through in-game drops, and only a limited number of high-grade items will be dropped per server.

  • Obtained through DSP

XDRACO items can be obtained through participating in the DSP(DRACO Staking Program) on The more DRACO you stake, the higher your odds of winning.

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XDRACO Item Trade

Be Ready, Be Willing, Be Able XDRACO available on November 16th, 2021
  • Seal – Sealing your XDRACO items will automatically transfer it to your XDRACO storage, and sealed items become tradable on
  • Trade – Once you log in to your account, all your sealed XDRACO items will be displayed. Choose the item you wish to trade and list it onto the exchange, or search through listed XDRACO items available on the exchange and purchase it with your DRACO.
  • Redeem – Complete your XDRACO item purchase by transferring DRACO from your Wemix wallet. Once your transaction is complete, log into your MIR4 account and the purchased item can be redeemed from the in-game mailbox.


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