MIR4 Taoist Skill – Support & Healer class

MIR4 Taoist Skill – It’s not a MMORPG game without a support and healer class, and that’s the role of Taoists.

Taoists make for a perfect class to join a group, thanks to their supportive and healing capabilities. However, their role doesn’t simply end there.

Aside from the support role, Taoists in MIR4 Game are also capable of powerful melee combat and CC.

Taoists are very similar to Lancers in terms of mobility, and they also deal both physical and spell damage.

MIR4 Taoist Skill
MIR4 Taoist Skill

Taoists are well known for their martial arts skills. It thus comes as no surprise that their entire build centres around close combat. This MIR4 class is not recommended for players that prefer to have a little distance between them and their enemies. It is important to note that a Taoist is very hard to learn. However, once it has mastered, players will be able to increase their rank very easy.

MIR4 Taoist Skill

Ray of LightThe Ray of Light skill is a Taoist’s ultimate ability. The skill forms a spear of light that penetrates all enemies in the player’s path. Since it is an ultimate skill, it might have a cool down reduction (CDR). This means that players will have to wait some time before they are able to use it again.
Moonlight WaveIt is a Taoist palm skill that strikes enemies with ways of yin energy. The skill looks like the moonlight pouring down on the ground, hence the name.
Sunbeam SwordThis is a useful skill, as it infuses Spell Power into a sword. This ability shines as bright as the sun to hypnotize the enemy. The player is then able to attack the enemy’s vital spot.
Moonlight OrbThis skill enables a Taoist to create a moonlight bead. This holds enemies like the pull of a full moon on the ocean and crushes them.
Rain of BladesRain of Blades attacks enemies by pouring forth phantoms made of Sword Force. However, these phantoms are as destructive as the sword itself.
HealTaoists feature a magic spell that heals wounds with divine light energy. The skill has the ability to heal both the caster and nearby allies.
Piercing BladesThis is an advanced sword skill that creates a great number of sharp arrows. The arrows are made of Sword Force.
Guardian CircleA Taoist has the ability to summon Earth Energy to protect allies from physical damage. The skill also enhances the caster’s physical ability.
Tai ChiThe skill creates a vacuum by circulating Taiji. It thus sucks nearby enemies into it to crush them.
Blasting CharmWith this skill, a Taoist can throw a thin talisman sheet. The sheet causes an explosion strong enough to split a rock once it attaches to an enemy.
Soaring SlashTaoists are able to continuously throw sharp disks made of Sword Force. The force penetrates into the enemy’s body and kills them from the inside.
Expulsion CircleThis skill increases a Taoist ability to resist spells. It also gives the character some courage to fight evil beings.
Greater HealWith Greater Heal, players are able to instantly cure all wounds by consuming all focus. However, if this skill is improved to a certain level, it can revive fallen allies.


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