Want to play the open world Asian Fantasy MMORPG? MIR4 Game!

Fans of the action and fantasy themed games in our time are willing to know the latest multiplayer online role playing games. They can read an honest review of the MIR4 Game and make a good decision to play it. This game is a free-to-play open world game in the Asian-Fantasy MMORPG genre. This game is full of action and large scale clan player versus player battles. This popular game can be cross-played on both mobile devices and personal computer. Developers of this game are WeMade and WeMade Next. The initial release date of this game is 25 August 2021.

MIR4 Game: Enhance the game playas expected

Every beginner to this game can choose the right path and make a decision to achieve their goal. You may like to live a peaceful life from hunting and gathering, a brand-new heart pounding experience, or wage war against other warriors and also clans to triumph over all. Once you have followed your heart and chosen your path in this game, your story starts.

Almost every player of this game experiences the elegant nature of the oriental martial arts mixed with the real-time fluid combat motions. Every path in this game leads players to their growth.

If you are tired of hunting in this game, then you can begin a step for mining or gathering. Do not forget that each trade has its master. Every action of every player of this game is rewarded with the character growth. Thus, keep in mind that all your efforts and time spent in this game never go to waste. The four main character classes in this game are as follows.

  • Warrior
  • Sorcerer
  • Taoist
  • Lancer

Warrior pulverizes all enemies with the heavy great sword. Sorcerers in this game wield magic with the power of the overall elements. Taoist supports party members with the divine recovery spells. Lancer is an expert that can attack and defend using a long spear in the simultaneous way.

MIR4 Game

Free-for-all loot system in this game supports all users to have the right to claim the loot regardless of whether they take part in the takedown of the monster or not. It applies only to the special loot located in the treasure chest. Every player has only a half a minute to protect the loot. Others have the same time to fight for the right to claim it. Claiming the special loot in this game involve alliances, strategies, and luck.

Fulfil wishes about the improved entertainment

Almost everyone who has chosen and played the MIR4 Game on online is satisfied because the stunning graphics successfully powered by the Unreal Engine 4. Improved elegance of fluid combats the complete motions of the Asian martial arts and gives the magnificent experiences to all players.

Some people are tired of competitive player versus player or hunting mobs in this game. They can prefer less aggressive style of character growth with crafting, mining, or gathering. They are very conscious about how to use their time and resources for improving the routine efforts in this game environment.


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