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Demotion Shield Expiring – Understanding LOL Demotion Protection

The league of legends is a game that everyone is enjoying worldwide through their consoles; it is a multiplayer online game launched by Riot Games. Every player in this game has a unique ability. Like other games, this game also has two teams, and the first team destroys the other wins. On winning the matches in their game, a player is provided promotion and a demotion shield.

Whenever a player achieves a demotion shield, then after some time, there is a message flashing on their game screen. The message is regarding Demotion Shield Expiring. To better understand the working and expiry of the demotion shield first thing, one must understand what a demotion shield in detail is. So, let us hope in the world of League of Legends and study everything in detail.

Demotion Shield Expiring – Here’s What It Means

Whenever we win a match or a real-life game, then there is a trophy of appreciation. The demotion shield can be compared to that trophy. If a person is winning the matches continuously in their game journey, they will see a level up in their game. The level up brings a perk along with them, and that is a demotion shield. The demotion shield is a kind of protection that will protect a layer for several matches to demote to the lower matches if they lose.
Whenever a player has a shield along with them, then there is no degrading in the player’s level. Either the losses the match then also the league points will remain stable. But this shield will not stay with a person forever. The period of the shield depends on your level up. If you have jumped up only a tier, you will enjoy the benefits of shield for three.
But if you face a level up like bronze to silver or from silver to golden, then the demotion shield will be with you for a period of ten matches. After the period of ten matches, you will receive a message of LOL Demotion Shield Expiring

After the expiry of the LOL Demotion Protection, you have o face certain consequences. If you lose the match, then you will get a degrade in your level. These will be due to the decrease in your league points and well matchmaking rating. On losing a match, this rating decrease, and you get demoted from a level you were pushed from. 

How Many Losses Before Demotion In LOL?
After the expiration of the sheet, the person thinks that what is going to happen now. The first thing that you have to do is never fear after the expiry of your shield. You are not going to be demoted due to the absence of the shied. The main reason for your demotion will be losing. If you lose continuously after the shield is over, then there may be a problem for you. So, the first question the arises now are How Many Losses before Demotion LOL? 
A person has to focus on winning first, but there are days when a player is unavailable to win. For such a situation, you must know that continuous losses can be bad for your rankings. There is no fixed match that particular number that is told by the developers that after losing.  You will be demoted. You can be demoted by one match also, and sometimes you may handle 2-3 losses also. It depended on the performance of your player in the match. If your performance is very bad, then there are chances you get demoted after just one match. If your fighting skills are impressive and you lose just by a few mistakes, then your rank may hold up for a little longer. 

Tips to save you from the demotion in-game

Everyone earns the level they are at with a lot of practice and hard winnings. No one is willing to lose their levels due to one or two losses. That is why you must follow some of the below-mentioned tips to save the game level you have achieved.

  • Stop playing in the autopilot mode 

When a player is a player many games in a day, then they start upgrading their level. With an upgrade in the level, the confidence level boosts up. It is good for the gameplay if the player is player all on their own. But sometimes, the player makes a mistake of playing on autopilot; due to the autopilot, the chances of losing a match are more, and you will not know that when your ranking will decrease. 
That is why it is suggested to every player out there that stops playing the game on an autopilot mode. If you are busy with your lifestyle, then don’t play the game. Follow the rules that better be late than never because the level you are earning is hard. 

  • Stay mentally prepared while playing a game

If you are not prepared mentally, then you have major chances of losing the game. There are many times when you start losing the matches in a streak. Due to this losing of matches, you start making mistakes and start acting numb. Due to the heat of the movement, you get demoted in your rank and late realize it. So, whenever you are playing a game, never start losing your mind over the losses. 
Just keep calm and focus only and only on winning while playing a match whether you are winning. A stable mind is very important always to keep this fact in mind. 

  • Learn the importance of mobalytics 

Unlike other games, the league of legends game provides an analysis of the performance you show in your game. The analysis has five different aspects, named laning, performance, comebacks, tilt, and throw. All these aspects are measured on a scale of percentage. First of all, you have to learn how to analyze it in a better way. A good analysis will show how you are performing and the major fields requiring your attention. There are many videos present on the online platforms that are guiding the player over understanding these mobalytics. All you need to do is find the video having well reviews and start learning. When you start improving your game style, the rank automatically increases.  

  • Never listen to advice from unreliable sources

Everyone starts searching the internet regarding the game they are playing and how to save them from demotion? In the search, the players forget one fact that which website they are looking at. It is very important that if you are getting tips from any platform, that platform must be reliable. There are many cases when a person starts listening to unreliable sources, and later on, due to the application of wrong tricks, gets demoted. 
So, to save you from wrong information, always find the trusted websites. You can check into the reviews section of the website. Also, the videos that show you the live application of the tricks they mention are reliable.  

  • Focus only on winning

Everyone is running after the demotion shield in the game. When players have the shield, then they love playing the game, but as soon as the player gets the notification of League of Legends Demotion Shield Expiring, they get tensed around. Due to this, they start losing the matches. Such players need to understand one thing that they need to focus on winning. If you keep on winning, you notice the level keeps on upgrading, and the shield will always stay with you. Lever think of the fact that if you lose, then the shield saves you. If you keep a positive mindset, then only you will excel in the game and become a pro player. 

  • Never let your ego ruin your gameplay

It is often seen that the person around the globe who keeps on winning continuously gets an egoist feeling. Such a feeling can destroy their game. Because of the superiority feeling, they will start ignoring other players and ultimately makes a mistake. So, it is highly advised that never let your ego destroy the game you play. Always stay humble with the fellow players despite whatever you win. 

  • There is no friend in the game

A game has only 2 phases, either a win or a loss; there is no third side. Let us suppose that you are playing against your friend in a game than choosing a friend or game. If you have any such situation, then remember that there are no friends in the game and never allow the game to affect your relationship. 

By now, you must have understood that what a demotion shield means to you in the league of legends game. The game is played by thousands of people around the globe with whom you can compete during the match. But always remember the tips mentioned above while playing the match, so you never get demoted during the match. So, keep playing and never get feared of loosing the shield. 


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