Fortnite Naruto Skin Release Date

One of the biggest Fortnite crossovers is underway and it would bring us a Naruto skin according to several leaks. Plus, it could come a lot sooner than we think.

The high-profile lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple revealed many potential high-level collaborations with Fortnite. While some of them were discarded, others have been carried out as has been the case with LeBron James and Ariana Grande .

Arguably one of the most surprising crossovers was that of the legendary manga and anime series Naruto. This collaboration in Fortnite could bring us the skin at some point in the future.

Here we bring you all the information we know so far about the collaboration between Naruto and Fortnite , including the release date that seems to be very close.

Fortnite Naruto Skin Release Date

Fortnite Naruto Skin Release Date

If Naruto appears in Fortnite you can probably expect the skin to be released in-game sometime during Season 8 and that it ends on December 5, 2021.

Naruto was originally reported to be released on September 13, 2021 as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass but it turned out to be misinformation . Even so, Naruto will most likely appear in the Item Shop as a DLC.

Is the collaboration official?

Fortnite has not yet wanted to release a garment but it seems that it is an open secret that the ninja will arrive at Fortnite. Even more so after the leak after the Apple and Epic confrontation where it was revealed that Naruto would be in the game.

Likewise, we must not forget that the team carried out a survey of the players about the next collaborations and all those that the community proposed have been coming out in season 7. Naruto was also in said survey so we can only wait.

The trailer we’ve had so far came after streamer Candywing shared details of the Q&A he had with Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustar. As indicated, Naruto would be in the battle pass of season 8.

However, later he denied it and added that Mustar has confessed that Naruto will arrive at Fortnite at a later stage of the season.

Of course, with so many iconic characters in the Naruto universe, it might not just be him but he might be accompanied by other well-known faces like Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi . We will keep our fingers crossed.

All Naruto leaks in Fortnite

The last generation supporting Naruto’s arrival in Fortnite took place on October 16 when HYPEX shared information about a new NPC. This one had the code name “Headband” (headband in Spanish) and that has been added in update 18.20.

We have no further clue as to who it is, but normally the names give clues about the characters. Considering that Naruto’s headband is one of his icons it could be a reference to him.

Likewise, the leakers reported that Epic Games reached an agreement with Shueisha, the Japanese publishing giant that produces Shonen Jump. If this agreement is true, soon we could have more crossovers in the anime / manga game such as Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer and many more.


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