MIR4 Game: Complete Guide For Playing The Game

It is a game available for players worldwide, and there are millions of players interested in playing the Game. A player playing the Game can also interact with other players in the Game and enjoy having parties. Players playing the MIR4 Game need to be a part of the clan in the Game. They can either be a clan member or can also be clan leaders.

People who want to become a clan member or need to form a new clan have to struggle a lot. Gamers who want to become active members of the clan need to learn many new things and make constant efforts. The clan members are rewarded according to their performance inside the clan. The clan system of MIR4 on Steam is quite different, and it is required to be understood for better performance, and people can take help from the guide of the Game.

How To Join A Clan In MIR4?

MIR4 Game

You can easily find different types of the clan in the MIR4 Game which a person can join. These clans have a different number of members and contain different powers. First, click on the clan list tab in the menu to check the complete list of available clans. Next, check the joining process and requirements of different clans. Once you have selected the clan you want to join, you can move further and check out the further details. 

Click on the faction you are willing to join and apply for the membership of that particular group. There are generally two types of faction, the first one giving a free membership and the other one requires approval. If you are willing to join a free membership group, you will get the membership directly after applying. But in case of approval requirement, the members of the clan and the leader will decide whether they want to give you the subscription or not.

How To Create A Clan in MIR4 Game?

People who don’t want to join any particular clan can create their clan. Creating a clan is easy, and anybody can create it by following some simple steps. First, touch the clan icon situated in the top right of the screen and go to the create option. Set all the basic details required for creating the clan, such as its name and crest. Once you have entered all the basic details, you can create the clan by using 50000 coins.

A person willing to create a clan needs to have a character score of at least up to ten. After that, you can either create your clan membership free or with approval. The clan info tab contains all the clan’s specifications, the clan’s intro, and clan members. Any player can enter any clan by touching the clan content in the information tab.

Specification Related To Members Of A Clan

MIR4 Game contains a member information window that contains the information of all the members of the clan. Here they can either check the rank of the member in the clan or check the entire information related to that particular member. For example, the specs could be their joining date, their name, nickname, and much more. You can also get the option of changing the nickname of any player in the member information window.

In the clan member window, players even can set the rank of all the clan members. Elders of the clan member can be chosen according to the authority of the players. A clan can have the utmost eight elder members with special authority over the player with no titles in the clan. The clan elders also have the authority to exile any particular character by touching the exile button.

Features Of A Clan Management Window In MIR4

A clan is an important part of the MIR4 on Steam, and a player or clan member can access different features of the clan management window. A player can easily access the clan management window by touching the clan management tab. Here players and clan members can easily access all the specifications related to the clan, such as clan name and clan owner.

Other changes in the clan, such as limiting the combat powers, are also possible through the tab. In addition, the clan owner can change settings to decide whether they want to accept the alliance request or not that can leave the clan. When you are setting up the approval subscription for your clan, you can even check the people waiting for the approval of your clan members.

MIR4 on Steam
MIR4 on Steam

Support Window Of The Game

The support window is provided to help players on the platform by moving to the center support icon. Here you can request any kind of support and can also get support on any particular item. Here you can get support a maximum of 30 times on an application. Players can also remove the seal of a member already in the clan and promote any particular building an achievement. A player can get up to 150 points of clan coin in a day.


Players who need to get the supplies to have to access the supply window. Here the player can report all the activities that they have performed in the day. After reporting all the activities, they can achieve the rewards of the day. The daily count of the rewards and reports reset at 4 am. Here players can check their progress rate in the Game. 

The progress rate is not updated if they have not received any reward through their report. Players who have received some sort of gifts can access them by touching the gift tab. You have to tap on the receive gift button before the time limit ends. The level of your gift and blessings keeps rising with every new gift.

Ending Lines

This was the ultimate guide related to the MIR4 on Steam and clan. Players who are playing the Game for the first time need to go through the above information. It would help the players in getting a better score and clan coins in the Game.


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