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LIVE: Dota 2 The International 10 – How to watch, schedule, results

The latest iteration of Dota 2’s premium tournament, The International 10, has already kicked off, almost a year after it was originally scheduled to take place. Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament, including when and where it’s happening, the schedule, and more.

The International 10 is more than just the final tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021. It’s also the tenth iteration of the annual tournament organized by Valve and one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious esports events.

Eighteen of the best Dota 2 teams in the world, 12 of which qualified through the Dota Pro Circuit, and six who earned a place through Regional Qualifiers, will put it all on the line for a chance to win their share of the $40,018,195 prize pool – the biggest in esports history.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including who qualified, when and where it’s happening, and more.

How to watch Dota 2 The International 10

You can watch The International 10 on the official Dota 2 YouTube channel, as embedded above.

Dota 2 The International 10 Groups, Schedule & Results

The schedule for TI 10 was released on October 6, with 18 teams starting in the group stage. The top four teams from both groups will advance to the upper bracket of the main event, while the teams ranked fifth through eighth will go to the lower bracket. The bottom-placed sides are eliminated.

Group Stage (October 7 to October 10)

Group A

1Invictus Gaming6-2-0
5Team Undying3-3-2
7Team Aster2-1-5
9Thunder Predator0-0-8

Group B

2Team Secret4-2-2
3Vici Gaming4-2-2
4Team Spirit5-0-3
6Quincy Crew2-2-4
8SG Esports1-0-7

Day 1: October 7

Group AEvil Geniuses 2-0 Team Aster12AM3AM8AM
Group AInvictus Gaming 2-0 T112AM3AM8AM
Group AVirtus.Pro 2-0 Undying12AM3AM8AM
Group AOG 2-0 Alliance12AM3AM8AM
Group BTeam Secret 2-0 Team Spirit2AM5AM10AM
Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 Quincy Crew2AM5AM10AM
Group BElephant 2-0 Beast Coast2AM5AM10AM
Group BVici Gaming 1-1 Fnatic2AM5AM10AM
Group AInvictus Gaming 1-1 Undying4AM7AM12PM
Group AOG 2-0 Thunder Predator4AM7AM12PM
Group 2-0 Alliance4AM7AM12PM
Group AEvil Geniuses 2-0 T14AM7AM12PM
Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 Team Spirit6AM9AM2PM
Group BElephant 1-1 Fnatic6AM9AM2PM
Group BVici Gaming 2-0 SG Esports6AM9AM2PM
Group BTeam Secret 0-2 Beastcoast6AM9AM2PM
Group AEvil Geniuses 0-2 Invictus Gaming8AM11AM4PM
Group AVirtus.Pro 1-1 OG8AM11AM4PM
Group ATeam Aster 0-2 Undying8AM11AM4PM
Group AAlliance 2-0 Thunder Predator8AM11AM4PM

Day 2: October 8

Group BPSG.LGD 1-1 Team Secret12AM3AM8AM
Group BElephant 0-2 Vici Gaming12AM3AM8AM
Group BQuincy Crew 1-1 Beastcoast12AM3AM8AM
Group BFnatic 0-2 SG Esports12AM3AM8AM
Group AOG 0-2 Team Aster2AM5AM10AM
Group AVirtus.Pro 0-2 T12AM5AM10AM
Group AEvil Geniuses 1-1 Alliance2AM5AM10AM
Group AInvictus Gaming 2-0 Thunder Predator2AM5AM10AM
Group BElephant 0-2 Team Spirit4AM7AM12PM
Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 Fnatic4AM7AM12PM
Group BVici Gaming 2-0 Quincy Crew4AM7AM12PM
Group BTeam Secret 2-0 SG Esports4AM7AM12PM
Group AInvictus Gaming 2-0 Virtus.Pro6AM9AM2PM
Group ATeam Aster 1-1 Alliance6AM9AM2PM
Group AUndying 2-0 Thunder Predator6AM9AM2PM
Group AOG 2-0 T16AM9AM2PM
Group BTeam Secret 1-1 Elephant8AM11AM4PM
Group BVici Gaming 2-0 Team Spirit8AM11AM4PM
Group BBeastcoast 2-0 SG Esports8AM11AM4PM
Group BQuincy Crew 1-1 Fnatic8AM11AM4PM

Day 3: October 9

Group AEvil Geniuses 1-1 OG12AM3AM8AM
Group ATeam Aster 0-2 T112AM3AM8AM
Group AUndying 2-0 Alliance12AM3AM8AM
Group AVirtus.Pro 2-0 Thunder Predator12AM3AM8AM
Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 Vici Gaming2AM5AM10AM
Group BQuincy Crew 0-2 Team Spirit2AM5AM10AM
Group BBeastcoast 1-1 Fnatic2AM5AM10AM
Group BElephant 2-0 SG Esports2AM5AM10AM
Group AOG 1-1 Undying4AM7AM12PM
Group AInvictus Gaming 2-0 Team Aster4AM7AM12PM
Group AT1 2-0 Alliance4AM7AM12PM
Group AEvil Geniuses 2-0 Thunder Predator4AM7AM12PM
Group BVici Gaming 1-1 Beastcoast6AM9AM2PM
Group BTeam Spirit 2-0 Fnatic6AM9AM2PM
Group BTeam Secret 2-0 Quincy Crew6AM9AM2PM
Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 SG Esports6AM9AM2PM
Group AEvil Geniuses 0-2 Virtus.Pro8AM11AM4PM
Group AInvictus Gaming 2-0 Alliance8AM11AM4PM
Group AT1 2-0 Undying8AM11AM4PM
Group ATeam Aster 2-0 Thunder Predator8AM11AM4PM

Day 4: October 10

Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 Elephant12AM3AM8AM
Group BQuincy Crew 2-0 SG Esports12AM3AM8AM
Group BTeam Spirit 2-0 Beastcoast12AM3AM8AM
Group BTeam Secret 0-2 Fnatic12AM3AM8AM
Group AInvictus Gaming 1-1 OG2AM5AM10AM
Group AEvil Geniuses 1-1 Undying2AM5AM10AM
Group AVirtus.Pro 2-0 Team Aster2AM5AM10AM
Group AT1 2-0 Thunder Predator2AM5AM10AM
Group BTeam Secret 2-0 Vici Gaming4AM7AM12PM
Group BPSG.LGD 2-0 Beastcoast4AM7AM12PM
Group BElephant 0-2 Quincy Crew4AM7AM12PM
Group BTeam Spirit 2-0 SG Esports4AM7AM12PM

Main Event (October 12 to October 17)

October 12

Upper Bracket QuarterfinalInvictus Gaming 2-1 Team Spirit12AM3AM8AM
Upper Bracket QuarterfinalTeam Secret v OG2:30AM5:30AM10:30AM
Lower Bracket Round 1Team Undying v Fnatic5:30AM8:30AM1:30PM
Lower Bracket Round 1Quincy Crew v Team Aster6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM
Lower Bracket Round 1Beastcoast v Alliance7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM
Lower Bracket Round 1Evil Geniuses  v Elephant8:30AM11:30PM4:30PM

October 13

Upper Bracket QuarterfinalPSG.LGD v T111PM2AM7AM
Upper Bracket v Vici Gaming2AM5AM10AM
Lower Bracket Round 2Team Spirit v TBD5AM8AM1PM
Lower Bracket Round 2TBD v TBD8AM11AM4PM

October 14

Lower Bracket Round 2TBD v TBD11PM2AM7AM
Lower Bracket Round 2TBD v TBD2AM5AM10AM
Upper Bracket SemifinalInvictus Gaming v TBD5AM8AM1PM
Upper Bracket SemifinalTBD v TBD8AM11AM4PM

October 15

Lower Bracket Round 3TBD v TBD11PM2AM7AM
Lower Bracket Round 3TBD v TBD2AM5AM10AM
Lower Bracket Round 4TBD v TBD5AM8AM1PM

October 16

Lower Bracket Round 3TBD v TBD11PM2AM7AM
Lower Bracket Round 3TBD v TBD2AM5AM10AM
Lower Bracket Round 4TBD v TBD5AM8AM1PM

October 17

Lower Bracket FinalTBD v TBD11PM2AM7AM
Grand FinalTBD v TBD3AM6AM11AM

All teams qualified for Dota 2 The International 10

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 wrapped up with the conclusion of the WePlay Animajor in June 2021.

But although the top 12 teams in the season qualified for The International 10 then and there, many other teams still had to slog it out in the Regional Qualifiers for a chance to fill the remaining six spots.

Those matches wrapped up on July 10, which means the 18 teams competing in The International 10 have been locked in.

AllianceWest EuropeNikobaby, LIMMP, s4, Handsken, fng
beastcoastNorth AmericaK1, Chris Luck, Wisper, Scofield, Stinger
ElephantChinaEurus, Somnus, Yang, fy, Super
Evil GeniusesNorth AmericaArteezy, Abed, iceiceice, Cr1t-, Fly
FnaticSEARaven, ChYuan, Deth, Jabz, DJ
Invictus GamingChinaflyfly, Emo, JT-, Kaka, Oli
OGWest EuropeSumaiL, Topson, Ceb, Saksa, N0tail
PSG.LGDChinaAme, NothingToSay, Faith_bian, XinQ, y`
Quincy CrewNorth AmericaYawaR, Quinn, Lelis, MSS, SVG
SG e-sportsSouth AmericaCostabile, 4dr, Tavo, thiolicor, KJ
T1SEA23savage, Karl, Kuku, Xepher, Whitemon
Team AsterChinaMonet, White丶Album_白学家, Xxs, Borax, LaNm
Team SecretWest EuropeMATUMBAMAN, Nisha, zai, YapzOr, Puppey
Team SpiritEast EuropeYatoro, TORONTOTOKYO, Collapse, Miroslaw, Miposhka
Thunder PredatorSEAMnz, Leostyle-, Frank, MoOz, Mjz
UndyingNorth AmericaTimado, Bryle, SabeRLight-, Moonmeander, Dubu
Vici GamingChinapoyoyo, Ori, old eLeVeN, Pyw, Dy
Virtus.proEast EuropeNightfall, gpk, DM, Save-, Kingslayer

With more than $40 million on the line, as well as the Aegis of Champions, it’s set to be an unforgettable event for teams, players, and fans from all around the world.

Will the tournament favorites, PSG.LGD, bring the grand prize back home to China for the first time since 2016, or will OG go on to win it for the third time despite having another mediocre season? We’ll have to wait and see.


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