MIR4 New Class Arbalist Skills Leaked!

MIR4 New Class Arbalist – From the shadows comes a deadly assassin, ‘Arbalist’. Rain of arrows pierce through the air.

MIR4 New Class

MIR4 New Class Arbalist Skills:

  • Mancheonhwawoo (Ultimate) – A Special Move that fills the opponent’s field of vision with rain of arrows with countless arrows and steals the will to fight against them.
  • Snapshot – Fires a huge number of arrows in an instant, making it impossible to block or dodge.
  • Welcome – With a movement that is fast enough to create an illusion, it bleeds away the enemy’s attacks and at the same time fires arrows in all directions.
  • Explosive Bomb – A powerful explosion devastates a wide area and confuses the enemy’s sense of balance, making them powerless.
  • Single Shot – The bodies of enemies who inhale the poisonous mist will collapse from the inside, and their recovery ability will be fatally damaged.
  • Ice Jade – With the frigid cold, it is bound with chains of cold to prevent it from escaping from the crossbows.
  • Windmill – Charges by surprise, performs a kick attack, and maintains a favorable distance to fire.
  • Glare – A shooting skill that momentarily blocks the enemy’s line of sight, making it impossible to defend against subsequent attacks.
  • Cheonbi Palace – When the heavy rain of arrows summoned from heaven rushes to the ground, the enemies are annihilated with no way to escape.
  • Pangong Island – The arrow that is fired by condensing the strong energy destroys even space with such a force that it is impossible to believe that it is the power of the arrow.
  • Fires an arrow that tracks the soul of the enemy to sniper from a distance. The arrow never misses.
  • Deep-eye – Instead of looking for targets through the eyes of the mind instead of the eyes of the body, it detects weaknesses and delivers a fatal hit.
  • Stealth – They dodge the enemy by cheating, hide in the shadows, move secretly, and launch a surprise attack.

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