MIR4 Beginner’s Guide With Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

The game made its way to the global market just a few days ago. So, most of the players around the world do not know much about the game. But, fear not as we got your back by bringing you the basic guide of this Korean MMORPG. Here are some tips you can follow while playing.

MIR4 Beginner Guide

Here’s a quick breakdown of the four classes in MIR4:

  • Warrior: Lots of damage potential combined with the best defense in the game make this class the most suited for beginners.
  • Sorcerer: Devastating AoE and single-target spells, with the tradeoff of having low defense, which makes this class a bit tricky to use.
  • Taoist: Powerful and fast melee attacks, as well as access to healing and support skills make this class into a powerful option for solo players. However, their melee play style and low defenses make them into one of the most difficult classes to master.
  • Lancer: Using their mighty spears, Lancers have lots of range and a wide variety of mobility skills to punish their foes and stay on the move, respectively. They’re one of the best classes for PvP due to their sweeping strikes, CC, and mobility.
  1. Do all main quest until you cannot defeat the mobs
  2. Do not Enhance Green equipment until tier IV or at least Blue and up.
  3. Enchant Equipment that is at least Blue tier II
  4. If you have enough cash to spend, buy the 9.99$ Mission Scroll
  5. Spend your Dark Steel wisely, this is a long term game so don’t craft materials if not really needed. You can get those by mining, raids and gathering.
  6. Do all daily mission (with dark steel rewards only) and mission requests
  7. Best place to farm Dark Steel is on Secret Peak, find any blue and higher mines.
  8. Most of the features on MIR4 is touch move, you cannot transfer enhancements/enchantments on any equipment.

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