GTA 6 Release Date will be on November 2021? New leaks

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto saga are impatiently awaiting any announcement from Rockstar Games for GTA 6 Release Date, some even expect that we will have the first official information as early as November of this year.

It is no longer a secret, GTA 6 is surely the most anticipated video game currently. Rockstar Games, the developers of the game, continue to take their time as no announcements on the subject have been released yet, but fans are pretty sure there will be a new one. Grand Theft Auto after the 5.

Recently, fans have linked leaks to each other and deduced that the reveal of GTA 6 could arrive as early as next month.

GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6 Release Date

Fans have established theories, so we must take this article with a certain distance knowing that we must wait for the announcements of Rockstar Games before getting carried away.

One of them comes to us from Red Dead Redemption 2, where a YouTuber showed a letter in the game that he feels is symbolic. That same letter was dated November 24, a day after another leak that claimed Rockstar would reveal GTA 6 on November 23.

As of yet, we have no real confirmation that GTA 6 will be announced in November, but many fans are hoping anyway.


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