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New World audience plummets on Twitch

Following the launch of New World, Twitch audiences for the game have plummeted after the hype for Amazon’s MMO has passed.

MMO releases are very unique and unique. New World had a huge buzz around it when Amazon Game Studios released the game on September 28. The game had over 900,000 concurrent Stream players upon launch, and the community was desperate to enter the world of Aeternum and begin their adventure.

Despite complaints about long lines to enter the game, the game’s overwhelming popularity was reflected on Twitch, and the category dominated the platform for several days. However, just two weeks after launch, the initial excitement has started to fade and the game’s audience has taken a significant hit.

New World audience plummets after launch

Although the New World viewership was massive, it has been decreasing significantly during the last seven days.

As can be seen on SullyGnome, in total both viewers and hours watched for the game have dropped by 58% over the last week. In addition, the maximum number of viewers of the category reached only 331,000, 66% less than the 650,000 it reached during the previous one.

This data can be explained by the decrease in interest in Amazon’s new MMO after the end of the advertising campaigns that many streamers were producing for the launch of Amazon.

While the numbers are not growing well for New World on Twitch, we will likely not have stable data until the player base itself stabilizes. Also, with more than 400,000 simultaneous players as of mid-October, there is still no need to worry about the health of the state of the game.

However, if Amazon wants its game to continue to triumph, it is going to have to start including new content to keep players hooked.


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