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League of Legends World Championships music is out!

Tonight, Riot Games unveiled the music of the Worlds, the League of Legends World Championships Music, its flagship game. “Burn It All Down”, by the American group PVRIS, did not really convince the European public.

Do as well as Warriors and Rise. Each year as the Worlds, the League of Legends World Championships approach, Riot Games, publisher of the game, tries to meet this challenge. Composed respectively by Imagine Dragons and The Glitch Mob, accompanied by Mako, the music of the 2014 and 2018 editions, had indeed been dubbed by the public.

League of Legends World Championships music

The fans, very fond of this annual tradition, were therefore eager to discover the song of this year’s competition. The Worlds anthem, which will take place from October 5 to November 6 in Reykjavik, marks the last stage before the opening of the competition, a final appetizer before the first games.

League of Legends World Championships music

Composed by PVRIS, Burn It All Down did not really convince. In their electro-rock style, the Massachusetts group proposed a verse with references to the lexicon of the game followed by a catchy chorus using the name of the music. A bit simplistic and without enough pep to the taste of the community, which made it known on the networks.

Riot’s technical team, on the other hand, did great things for the clip. The heroes of the last editions and those of whom much is expected this year have been put in the foreground. We see them in motion design choosing their favorite champions and the weapons that accompany them before, of course, fighting. Less than a week before the competition, the tone is set.


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